As a stylist, it is my job to hand-pick the best products for each client. Oftentimes, that means choosing more than one. These two products, in particular, I have been using on the regular:

Label M Sleek Blow Out Cream is a favorite of mine. It never fails to give a smooth silky finish to the hair. I like to apply it to the mid-shaft and ends of the hair, and also add it to those delicate baby fine hairs around the face. It leaves the hair feeling soft without giving an “over-product” feeling to the hair.

Another product I rely on is Cult and King’s Salt Jelly. I often use it at the root, concentrating at the crown of the head. It gives texture, volume and that extra-special “grit” when needed. The smell alone is divine! Plus, the refillable packaging is awesome, not to mention gorgeous. 

Submitted by Kristin Ciliberti, Master Stylist