Meet Henry Pfeffer, an abstract painter based in Kingston, NY, born in 1988. Pfeffer’s artistic journey unfolds across large-scale canvases, where layers of plaster and acrylic paint are carefully applied and scraped away, resulting in highly textured, meditative compositions. With diffuse, muted tones, visible drips, and subtractive surfaces, inspiration for Pfeffer’s art is drawn from the open skies of the Hudson Valley and the landscapes below. His series, “Scenes from the Bridge,” emerged during his reintegration into society after a period in correctional hospitals. The Kingston-Rhinecliff bridge became a powerful symbol of freedom and motion for Pfeffer, energizing his creative spirit and marking a decade-long transition returning home.

Henry B in the wild

Pfeffer’s influences stem from outsider artists, particularly graffiti and vagrant artists, reflecting his fascination with the history of painted-over walls. His process forges a connection to the past with textured, subtractive surfaces, while simultaneously propelling viewers forward with a sense of freedom and motion. The work is meant to convey a sense of familiarity with an industrial quality, captured through the use of plaster and acrylic house paint.

Meditative and contemplative, Pfeffer’s work embodies values of self-care and self-expression, which he considers fundamental to the human experience. Having navigated his own journey, Pfeffer encourages others to peel back the layers of self through his art.
For Henry Pfeffer, painting serves as a grounding force, connecting him to his purpose. It’s a journey that goes beyond personal expression, aiming to foster reflection, break down barriers, and inspire transformative change within the individual and the community.

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