Hey there, I’m Winter Gnip

– your go-to massage therapist with a sprinkle of wackiness, a dollop of sweetness, and a whole lot of sensitivity and fun-loving vibes. As a mom, wife, sister, friend, and daughter, I juggle a lot, but nothing fuels my passion quite like helping others find peace and healing through massage therapy.

What I Do

My approach to massage therapy is all about intuition and connection. I pay special attention to your posture, muscular balance, and overall sense of connectedness. Trust is key in this process, so I always strive to meet you where you’re at on any given day. Mixing elements of Swedish, Myofascial, Trigger Point, Sports Therapy, Relaxation, Reflexology, and Deep Tissue modalities, along with hints of Shiatsu and energy work and also incorporate PNF stretching and Positional Release Therapy. I aim to restore balance and reconnect your mind and body. I offer adaptive or intuitive massages tailored to help bring your body and posture into a more comfortable space. I utilize multiple modalities at once to work with what your body is telling me while also working with your breath.

What You Can Expect

Whether you’re seeking a general relaxation massage, focused relief on a specific area, or therapeutic treatment for chronic issues, I’ve got you covered. I tailor each session to your needs, utilizing multiple modalities and incorporating breathwork to deepen your connection with your body.

Special Offerings

Feeling adventurous? Enhance your massage experience with add-ons like CBD salve for inflammation relief, Cryoderm heat or cool treatments for pain relief, hot salt stones for deep relaxation, Gua Sha stone therapy for circulation and muscle tension, cupping for toxin removal and circulation, fascial cupping for collagen production and lymph drainage, or aromatherapy for mood enhancement and relaxation.

Final Note

Remember, massage therapy takes time to fully integrate into your body, so be sure to hydrate and practice gentle stretches post-massage. And if you’re opting for add-ons, wait a bit after facial fillers or injectables. But trust me, the benefits are worth it!

So, whether you’re looking to unwind, find relief from chronic pain, or simply treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation, I’m here to help you on your journey to better health and wellbeing. Book a session today and let’s embark on this healing journey together!