Hey there, plant-loving pals! We are ready to spill the dirt on how to kickstart your very own green oasis. Our Master stylist Lundy, will hold our hand throughout the growing season this year and walk us through her process. We will get to peer through the eyes of her garden in the hopes to master our own. So, grab your shears and let’s dig in!

March 16th will mark the beginning of Lundy’s journey into the world of gardening, and we will get to why in a moment. First, where to start? The initial step is to figure out what you want to grow.
After some serious Pinterest scrolling and Instagram stalking Lundy settles on a selection of plants from juicy tomatoes to fragrant herbs, and flowers will join the mix too.

With the plant wishlist in hand, she heads over to Etsy to snag some heirloom seed and always makes sure to support small businesses, opting for seeds from reputable local sellers like the Hudson Valley Seed Company, Herzogs, Johnny Seeds, and Eden Brothers.

Browsing seeds

planning your garden from seed

Now, here’s a pro tip for all you newbie gardeners out there: always check the back of the seed packet for planting instructions. These little guys will tell you exactly when and how to start them, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

So back to why March 16 is the seed start date. Mid-May was the target planting date, (Mid May for NY typically is safe from any more frost) so counting backwards, using the seed packets you can determine when to get those seeds started. Lundy is aiming for two rounds of planting: one in March and another in April. But wait, how do you even start seeds indoors?

Seed cells

Enter the plastic cell tray seed starter. This nifty little contraption is a gardener’s best friend, providing the perfect environment for seeds to germinate and grow into sturdy seedlings. To save money you can also use the plastic containers your eggs come in too! And remember, don’t start your seeds in regular old dirt – you’ll want to use a specialized seed starter mix for optimal results.
Start your seeds right

Of course, no indoor garden is complete without a little extra light. That’s where the trusty clamp lights come in. These babies are an absolute game-changer. With a bit of strategic positioning, you can give your seedlings the light they need to thrive, even on the dreariest of days.

Easy clamping

And there you have it, the first step in your guide to starting a garden that’s as fabulous as your latest hairdo. Until next time, happy planting! 🌱✂️
Shears to Seeds: A Hairstylist’s Guide to Starting a Garden written by Kristen Ciliberti in collaboration with Christina Lundy