Join us for a unique blend of art and humor as James Pogo Lo Rubbio brings his thought-provoking work to the gallery at Le Shag. An artist from upstate NY, James started “blurting his abnormalities” through his creations, using bristol, ink, and the occasional splash of color. With a dark sense of humor, he interprets his environment, offering a fresh perspective on daily life.

The Creative Process

James’ artistic journey is fueled by an insatiable lust for culture and an overworked record player. He often finds himself lying on his bed, mixing rhythmic backgrounds with words and images that can be both playful and subversive. His work is a reflection of his observations, brought to life with a unique blend of humor and insight.

Artistic Background and Influences

With a BA in Art History from SUNY New Paltz, James is well-versed in the field and uses his knowledge to infuse his art with depth and meaning. His “intense sloganeering” is designed to provoke reactions and make viewers think. His approach is anything but conventional, often involving self-induced vertigo and the looming threat of carpal tunnel, yet he continues to push forward with his mantra: “CREATION NOT SEDATION!”

The early exhibits
Exhibitions and Publications

James had his first solo show at Farfetched Gallery in Kingston, NY, in 2004. His work has also been featured in the avant-poetry journal DAMN THE CAESARS!, showcasing his ability to cross the boundaries between visual art and literary expression.

Beyond the Canvas

In addition to his visual art, James is a musician with his band, Armedalite Rifles. Over the years, they have released numerous homemade recordings, demonstrating his creative versatility. He is also an avid collector of vinyl records, books, and pencil sharpeners—a hobby that borders on obsession but highlights his deep appreciation for culture and history.

Join us in the Gallery at Le Shag to experience the captivating world of James Pogo Lo Rubbio. His unique blend of humor, cultural references, and artistic skill will transport you to a place where art and daily life collide, inviting you to explore the nuanced layers of his creations.

Date: [July 13,2024]
Time: [6pm-9pm]
“The Bohemian Cleanup”

Don’t miss this opportunity to see James’ work up close and personal. See you there!
James Pogo Lo Rubbio: Blurring the Lines Between Art and Humor