This week I had an opportunity to reach out to Le Shags next gallery artist, Leroy Burnett, and got to ask them a few questions about their life and art. We love, as stylists, getting the chance to know the artist a bit more because we are often questioned behind the chair about the art on the wall. There is a lot of time to appreciate art inside a hair salon, and we absolutely love having something new to talk about! We invite everyone to come hang with us for the Art Party “You can handle the truth” on Friday, February 10 at 6pm. You can meet the artist and enjoy an evening of music and fun hosted by our art director Kara Eletto.

1- Was there a defining moment when you knew you were an artist?
 It took me a long time to really feel like I was any kind of artist. I didn’t go to art school, but I was always surrounded by people who did, and somehow it didn’t fully occur to me that I could create myself as an artist without being taught by someone formally. That’s nothing I would ever project onto another person, but for years, even as I was making art every day, the understanding I had of myself was: I really like making art, but I’m definitely not an artist. At some point I got over myself enough to change my mind about that, and looking back, it feels incredibly silly to be so precious about who is and isn’t allowed to be called an artist. I like making art so I’m an artist.

2- Did you learn from failing at all?
Hopefully!  A central part of my process is the enormous amount of mistakes I make while I paint. I work with calligraphy dip pens, which are very hard to control (and I’m not especially good at controlling them), but for some reason this is the medium I’m drawn to more than anything else. Line width is unpredictable, ink consistency changes depending on the weather, and I am constantly finding big splotches of ink that I have accidentally dripped onto my work. By nature, I am a little messy, but I am also very particular, so in order to make work that I like, I have to stick it out with my many “failed paintings”, until what is deliberate and what is accidental make sense together.

3- What are other things/interests/projects you do/have in life?
Painting is most of the art I make, but I also love to quilt.  Cake decorating has become a big part of my life in the past year.  

4-  What do you see for the future of your art?
This year I want to incorporate more woodworking into my art. I’ve been playing around with mounting my work on wood slats and using a scroll saw to carve out details. A lot of my work is painted very flat and the dimension of the wood changes the way it feels.  

5- Where can we find you online or in real life?
I work as an EMT in the city of Kingston where I live with my partner and our dog Stella. Online you can find me on Instagram as @Oldgoldiebone