Florimania, LeShag’s last art show of 2022, is wrapping up its last few weeks at the salon. I had the opportunity to chat with one of the three artists from the show, Dina Kravtsov. She’s a Kingston local and O+ Festival alum.

Kravstov’s paintings are done with acrylics, oils, and collage techniques. Her work is familiar to anyone who’s visited the Kingston YMCA, where she co-created the stunning “Save Our Soil” mural.

When she’s not painting, Kravstov is busy in health and wellness, attending herbal classes and working in hospice. Her body of work hits harder imagining the intensity of her career. Perhaps she has found a beautiful way to coexist with it?

Her paintings of plants and up-close, intimate visions of flowers seem to come alive at a glance. Kravstov is hyper-focused on finding the beauty in nature, and what she wants us to see in her representation. Her work invites us to cuddle up and get cozy with it.

Kravstov’s best advice for being an artist? Part of the process is failure. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but there is always the therapy of it.

Touching upon cycles of life, rebirth cycles, mycelium networks and beyond – we are excited to see what Dina does in the future. She shared one of her goals: To cover buildings and houses in giant flowers so visitors can literally step in to them.