In the realm of abstract art, there exists a serene yet boundless dimension, a space where color dances with movement, and celestial wonders meet earthly mysteries. Enter Tara Bach, an artist hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Saugerties, NY, whose canvases reflect a mesmerizing interplay between the familiar and the cosmic.

Tara’s art is a celebration of freedom. She revels in the undefined and the unstructured, finding joy in abstract painting. Her creative process orbits around the delicate balance between the immediate world, such as nature’s gentle embrace, and the distant realms, akin to the vastness of cosmic beauty.

In her artwork, one can discern the ebb and flow of life’s uncertainties, mirroring the calmness of changing tides, the vigor of storms, and the awe-inspiring allure of distant galaxies. This duality of elements – the celestial and the grounded – crafts a body of work that resonates with luminosity and enchantment.

Recent endeavors have seen Tara infusing her creations with storytelling, overt symbolism pointing towards narratives rooted in a quest for inner light. Her upcoming projects promise an intriguing fusion, including the creation of a tarot card deck and the integration of human design and astrological aspects into her artistic stories.

Tara’s artistic expression transcends the traditional canvas. Embracing digital platforms, she employs music, video, and scripted overlays on social media, particularly on Instagram (@bach.tara) as additional avenues for self-expression and community connection. With the horizon expanding, she envisions further storytelling through video and eagerly anticipates the deeper connections these new mediums will foster with her peers and admirers of her work.

Tara’s art is a conduit for connection – a medium to share her abundant positive energy with the world. Through her creations, she hopes to guide others towards discovering the inherent beauty residing within them.
Tara Bach’s art isn’t merely a visual feast; it’s an invitation to traverse the ethereal landscapes of imagination and introspection, beckoning all to find solace and inspiration in the captivating depths of abstract art.