In the endless void of the internet, Google still stands as a ally in our quest for fast information. Any time I discover a way or a tool for clients to get the outcome they desire for future services, I wanna let them all know about it.
Our heads of hair are unique, each strand telling a story of thickness, curl pattern, and what our overall texture code is. Sometimes, clients bring in styles that don’t truly represent their hair, impacting both the physical outcome of the cut and their emotional experience when expectations aren’t met.
With one click, the search algorithms can navigate away this disappointment and instead you can find the right cut for your texture with out disappointing yourself. No matter if your head is sleek, straight, bouncy, curly you get a corresponding shaped icon in the image search.
How to:
Simply search a query like “bob haircut” and then select images in the google toolbar. Walah! Google will now provide.. (the tiny hair shaped icons in boxes)
I Googled “bob haircut fine hair” manually to see the difference. When I let Google take the wheel, it curated a classier set of images compared to my detailed search. Definitely an aid in achieving your hair goals.
Hope this helps!
Happy searching and styling!