James Pogo Lo Rubbio: Blurring the Lines Between Art and Humor

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Join us for a unique blend of art and humor as James Pogo Lo Rubbio brings his thought-provoking work to the gallery at Le Shag. An artist from upstate NY, James started “blurting his abnormalities” through his creations, using bristol, ink, and the occasional splash of color. With a dark sense of humor, he interprets […]

Water Water EveryWhere: Meet Emma Hines

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Hey there, art enthusiasts! Get ready to dive into a world of creativity as the Gallery at Le Shag proudly hosts an art show featuring the talented Emma Hines. Nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley, Emma brings her vibrant mixed media artworks to life, captivating audiences with her unique exploration of ambiguity, movement, and change. […]

SHEARS TO SEEDS: Part 2 – Planting the Seeds of Growth

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Hey there, green-thumbed comrades! Welcome back to our gardening journey, where we’re turning our humble spaces into lush oases, one seed at a time. Last time, we discussed the prep work for our garden-to-be. Today, we’re diving into the exciting process of sowing seeds and nurturing them into vibrant sprouts! Step 1: Mix and Mingle […]

Meet Adella Signor: The Artist Behind the Ink, Popping Up at Our Salon

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Le Shag has some exciting news – Adella Signor is coming to our salon for a series of exclusive pop-up dates! If you’re not familiar with Adella, allow us to introduce you to this talented artist in the world of tattooing and beauty services. Adella’s journey began at Parsons the New School for Design, where […]

Shears to Seeds: A Hairstylist’s Guide to Starting a Garden

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Hey there, plant-loving pals! We are ready to spill the dirt on how to kickstart your very own green oasis. Our Master stylist Lundy, will hold our hand throughout the growing season this year and walk us through her process. We will get to peer through the eyes of her garden in the hopes to […]

Meet Winter Gnip: Your Licensed Massage Therapist

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Hey there, I’m Winter Gnip – your go-to massage therapist with a sprinkle of wackiness, a dollop of sweetness, and a whole lot of sensitivity and fun-loving vibes. As a mom, wife, sister, friend, and daughter, I juggle a lot, but nothing fuels my passion quite like helping others find peace and healing through massage […]

Urban Layers: The Raw Expression of Henry Pfeffer

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Meet Henry Pfeffer, an abstract painter based in Kingston, NY, born in 1988. Pfeffer’s artistic journey unfolds across large-scale canvases, where layers of plaster and acrylic paint are carefully applied and scraped away, resulting in highly textured, meditative compositions. With diffuse, muted tones, visible drips, and subtractive surfaces, inspiration for Pfeffer’s art is drawn from […]

Discovering Tranquility and Beauty: Exploring Real Estate in the Enchanting Hudson Valley

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The Hudson Valley stands as a testament to natural beauty and historical charm. Encompassing a vast region along the Hudson River, this area has become a beacon for those seeking a harmonious blend of serene countryside living and vibrant cultural experiences. What is drawing individuals to the Hudson Valley is its breathtaking scenery. Rolling hills, […]