Meet Maria Philippis: The Woman Behind Boitson’s

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Maria Philippis is the founder & owner behind Boitson’s, a beloved Kingston restaurant that closed its doors this past January. Boitson’s arguably changed the Kingston restaurant landscape, ushering in an upgraded level of cuisine and service for the city and drawing in crowds from all over the Hudson Valley and beyond. I had the pleasure […]

Changing the Narrative; Hair Loss in Women

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Hair is an inextricably important part of so many women’s lives. It changes with us as the years pass, adjusting to the ebbs and flows of our identities. It is also something that we always have the power to influence unlike so many aspects of ourselves, which proves important considering how much it can impact our self-esteem. Need to […]

The Best Products for an Easy Morning

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A morning routine doesn’t have to be a terribly difficult part of the day, and taking a few extra minutes to love oneself goes very very far. Personally I don’t shampoo my hair regularly, and after it air dries, it can be a little lifeless. I help undead my hair with Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair. […]

You Can Radiate Everything You Are – By Mary Jane Nusbaum and James Porter

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Beyond helping us look good, salons hold the promise that a new hairstyle or hair color can reveal a deeper, inner beauty and allow our whole selves to radiate forth.  Mary Jane Nusbaum and James Porter’s art installation responds to this environment by populating Le Shag with artworks that are by turns humorous, sexual, poignant, kitschy, […]

New Product Reviews – Kevin Murphy Products

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I am so excited that Le Shag now carries Kevin Murphy products and wanted to share a couple of my favorites. I’m going to focus on their volumising products because I think they are really wonderful and it can be difficult to find products well suited for fine hair. Kevin Murphy makes one of my all-time favorite shampoo and conditioner sets, Angel Wash and […]

The Hairstylist & Client Relationship: A Bond Rooted in Trust

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It takes a lot to be a successful hairstylist — the training, the apprenticeships, the natural talent. It takes years and years to master the craft. But on top of all the skill and knowledge, there are two important and deeply individualistic qualities that all of the most successful hairstylists possess: personality and empathy.  Going to the hair […]

Just Be Yourself – A Story by Eric Goulden

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People are always telling me, in one context or another: just be yourself. Well, I don’t think that’s necessarily a good idea. Which self would they like I wonder… Self-image is very important – I’m always working on it, but just when I think I’m getting somewhere I catch sight of myself in a window reflection, and […]

Meet Cleo Sullivan: Inspired Photographer & Artist

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Cleo Sullivan is an incredibly talented photographer and artist currently living in the Hudson Valley. Her portfolio of work is vast and ranges widely from editorial projects to solely creative experiments, but every one of her photos has a distinctly Cleo feel. Her work is beautiful, playful, whimsical, and 100% unique. I spoke to Cleo […]