Kelly + Jones

Perfume roll-ons  $30 Retail

Kelly Jones is an amazing Scent Sommelier with a studio in midtown Kingston, NY, where she hand pours her scents for all of us to enjoy!

The roll on blends are magical independently or layered together to customize a fragrance for you, specifically. Depending on the time of year, we find that each of the fragrances holds close to the body throughout the day and lends a bright, sexy, long lasting experience.

In winter, our favorite blends include Oak layered with a dab of Floral & Citrus. When applied on damp skin, we have found a small amount blends nicely acrossed a larger area of the neck and arms providing perfect essence for the holiday “hugs”.

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Fox & Hound

Shampoo  $20

I love my dog, who is a labradoodle. She is amazing and gorgeous and I feel like she should smell like both of those things which is why I was thrilled to find a shampoo/conditioner that worked on her sensitive skin and provided a natural and clean scent that didn’t just last for an hour. Posey has sensitive skin, so finding a shampoo that works on her with a great smell hasn’t been the easiest. So far, we have had great success with all of the Fox & Hound products. When her conditioning smell begins to wear off (a week or so after shampooing) I add the cologne into her weekly routine which also is conditioning on her skin and provides the fresh scent that our guests truly enjoy (as her 40lb body crawls on their laps).

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Shampoo Set $91

At Le Shag, we are all huge fans of the Italian beauty brand Davines. Between the packaging, the scents, and the environmentally conscious minds that create this beautiful line- how could we not?!?! Since Davines sells their products in sets, their hair care is also perfect for holiday gifting. The Shampoo OI is an affordable bathroom luxury for all households of humans who love soft and floral, yet masculine earthy tones. These products, however, are not for the faint of heart when it comes to fragrance. One application in the shower will scent your bathroom and likely your entire home with a luxurious fragrance that always results in compliments.

Eventually OI will not only become your natural fragrance; it will become your trademark. The shampoo is soft and creamy and the conditioner is hydrating- leaving your hair manageable and smooth. The oil can be applied while both wet and when dry. It helps to speed along blow outs, adding another layer of hydration and splendor. To extend your blowout, we love to use the Davines Hair Refresher on the roots alongside OI oil for the ends for an additional 2-3 days of fresh hair.

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Beauty Kitchen

Under Eye Collagen Masks $6

Heads up!! These are the perfect stocking stuffer or quick on-hand gift for anyone- we all love them!

Perfect for the holiday, these little eye masks pack a punch, relieving the tired look provoked by the holidaze. They are great for day-to-day use as well as for special occasions (weddings, parties, Bat Mitzvahs- your call). They are a special treat to give you that extra lift you’re looking for, anytime, anyday.  A particular favorite of ours at Le Shag are the Ice Water peels. These gems smooth and refresh those pesky lines and circles, leaving your skin perked and ready for the world.

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Lip Mask $4

We don’t always think of it until it’s too late, but chapped lips are a real problem in the winter. Shed those dead skin cells with a sheet mask from KOCOSTAR while leaving behind a fresh layer of hydrated skin- perfect for that red lipstick application. Sheet masks aren’t only for your whole face; the Lip Sheet Mask is a perfect stocking stuffer and great gift for anyone on the go. The packaging is impressively on-point and the mask even looks cute when applied to your lips. Do them with a friend, alone, or even while driving in the car- just get it done!!!

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Iles Formula

Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Serum $30 +

Wendy Iles is a fellow session stylist to many of us at Le Shag. She is no stranger to the effects the industry can have on some of our A-lists guests’ locks. It is through this experience that she has created this high-performance hair care line for ALL of us. It has the lustrous feel of full-on high end, the smell of Hermés, and the ability to teleport you to Paris at an affordable cost.

It has been many years since I’ve found a product that has the ability to hold hair in place all day but has the softness and flexibility that is necessary for that natural everyday appeal. The shampoo and conditioner are creamy and amazing when it comes to scents, but the true magic here is the serum and mask. The Mask is incredible for treating yourself to hydration and self-care, while the serum is fantastic for both blowing your hair out as well as using a blowdryer.

I will warn you that you need to layer this product. In general, I let my hair dry 50% after rinsing the mask out before I apply the serum. I apply a quarter size amount to my hair (half wet) and then I either let it fully dry naturally or I begin to blow dry. Once it is fully dry, I apply another coat of the serum and either let it dry naturally or blow dry again- this is where I see the benefits of this product. It holds down frizz, adds a shine without greasiness, holds volume and doesn’t weigh your hair down. Throughout the week I continue to use this as a refreshing styling product by applying small amounts beginning at my ends up to my root- it doubles as my perfume refresher too!!

Jen Donovan for BTS