A morning routine doesn’t have to be a terribly difficult part of the day, and taking a few extra minutes to love oneself goes very very far. Personally I don’t shampoo my hair regularly, and after it air dries, it can be a little lifeless. I help undead my hair with Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair. It is a textured hairspray that gives hair separation and movement with a bit of Zushz for the roots. It takes the sad no-wash days blues and changes the tune to an intentional “I woke up looking like this” fabulous dance party. 

On the days that I do shampoo my hair, it absolutely needs a product to dirty it up for me. My favorite is Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity.Spray. It is a non-aerosol hairspray and likes to help reinforce the wonky and wild waves and curls that spring from my locks, especially in humid times. It gives a light hold and does not feel oily or sticky. If getting the dirty feeling is less important for me after shampooing then I will use the Young.Again Kevin Murphy leave in treatment oil. I rub it through my ends and it never makes my fine hair feel weighed down or overly oily or serumy. I like to give a little extra love to the ends of my hair for they have been on a longer journey than the rest of the hair.