Eric Goulden/Wreckless Eric
As Wreckless Eric he needs little introduction — he wrote and recorded the classic Whole Wide World and had a hit with it back in 1977. Since then it has been a hit for countless other artists including The Monkees, Cage The Elephant and most recently for Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. As Eric Goulden it's a little more complicated - a musician, artist, writer, recording engineer and producer, he didn’t like either the music business, the mechanics of fame, or the name he’d been given to hide behind, so he crawled out of the spotlight and went on to release twenty something albums in forty something years under various guises before realizing he was stuck with the name Wreckless Eric. He’s English and he lives in Catskill, New York.
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Just Be Yourself – A Story by Eric Goulden

People are always telling me, in one context or another: just be yourself. Well, I don’t think that’s necessarily a good idea. Which self would they like I wonder… Self-image is very