Our next art show at Le Shag is longtime Kingston resident, Paul Heath. You might know him as Dumbwon, you might know him from the band Dead Unicorn, and you might of seen him across the bar at the Anchor a few years back slinging drinks. I got a chance to ask Paul a few questions before his upcoming art show so everyone can get to know a little more about this creative force. His art show “This and That” is on Saturday May, 6th at Le Shag where we will host an opening party to celebrate Paul’s art along with DJ Hawk to set the vibe. And you can catch Dead Unicorn melt faces at Snapper McGee’s in Kingston, on May 20th.

1. Was there a defining moment you knew you were an artist?

I always wanted to be, and felt I was, an artist. So there wasn’t a defining moment exactly. It’s more of a developing idea of what being an artist means. Recently, I realize it’s about the discipline. The constant participation in my craft, that defines me and really makes me an artist. 
The artist I want to be, probably won’t be actualized til after I’m gone. 

2. Is there a story behind the name Dumbwon?

It started as a disclaimer. When I used to tag ‘dumb’, It allowed me to be fun and explore without having the serious demeanor of a street artist. 

3. What other interests or hobbies do you have or what do you enjoy about living in this area?

I enjoy making music, spending time with my son Felix and partner Alisha, and gardening. I love this area for the range of climate and culture. Kingston is my home. 

4. What do you see or hope or plan for the future of your art?

Continue. Always make art and develop. It’s what I do. 

5. Where can we find your art in real life or online?

My instagram @dumbwon is my current home base