Getting the Perfect Cut: Understanding texture code

In the endless void of the internet, Google still stands as a ally in our quest for fast information. Any time I discover a way or a tool for clients to get the outcome they desire for future services, I wanna let them all know about it. Our heads of hair are unique, each strand […]


7 Expert tips for Mid Summer Hair Health

Summer is a time of adventures and days spent poolside or in your favorite creek or river. Sun and swimming can wreak havoc on your precious locks, leaving them dry, brittle, and damaged. Fear not! As a seasoned hairstylist, I’ve seen it all and have some tried-and-true tips to revive your hair from the summer’s […]


Exploring Haircut Trends: The Collar Bone Bob and the Bixie

As the world of hairstyles continues to evolve, new trends constantly emerge from old ones, offering fresh and exciting options for hair transformations. Let’s dive into two popular haircut trends: the Collar Bone Bob and the Bixie. Both cuts have garnered attention from celebrities and style enthusiasts alike, each bringing its own unique characteristics and […]


This and That: with Paul Heath AKA Dumbwon

Our next art show at Le Shag is longtime Kingston resident, Paul Heath. You might know him as Dumbwon, you might know him from the band Dead Unicorn, and you might of seen him across the bar at the Anchor a few years back slinging drinks. I got a chance to ask Paul a few […]


Product Reviews : Air Dry with Lundy

The weather is getting warmer which means there’s more opportunity to air dry your hair! Air drying is my personal favorite method of styling but it can be hard for some people to embrace their natural texture. With a few tips and some product recommendations I encourage everyone to give it a try. When air […]


Fresh things for Spring: Real talk for you and your stylist

Spring is here and some consider it to be the true new year, and others embrace it because they are sick of the winter gray sky and the depression that goes with. What we all crave is the rebirth of new life and the promise of longer days. How we feel is so infected by […]


You can handle the truth with Leroy Burnett

This week I had an opportunity to reach out to Le Shags next gallery artist, Leroy Burnett, and got to ask them a few questions about their life and art. We love, as stylists, getting the chance to know the artist a bit more because we are often questioned behind the chair about the art […]


Florimania art show with Dina Kravtsov

Florimania, LeShag’s last art show of 2022, is wrapping up its last few weeks at the salon. I had the opportunity to chat with one of the three artists from the show, Dina Kravtsov. She’s a Kingston local and O+ Festival alum. Kravstov’s paintings are done with acrylics, oils, and collage techniques. Her work is […]